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Heart Line Diffuser Pack

Heart Line Diffuser Pack

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This diffuser pack comes with 4 diffuser blends, one of each of the heart line fragrances!

Heart of a Goddess

A soft, floral, and feminine fragrance that will take you on a walk through a beautiful rose garden breathing in the fresh, flowery air

Heart of a Healer

A refreshing, piquant, and herbaceous fragrance that is sure to remind you of the importance of healing

Heart of a Warrior

A powerful and aromatic fragrance with notes of vanilla and ginger with a punch of citrus 

Heart of a Dreamer

A sweet and delicate fragrance, the floral and spruce undertones make for a dreamy, breezy scent

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How to use

Choose your blend and add desired amount to your diffuser. We recommend 5 drops per 100ml of water but, depending on room size and how strong you would like the scent to be, you may need to add more.


Heart of a Goddess fragrance oil, rose petals, rose quartz

Heart of a Healer fragrance oil, jasmine flowers, moss agate

Heart of a Warrior fragrance oil, tiger lily petals, mookaite jasper

Heart of a Dreamer fragrance oil, spruce needles, sodalite

Additional Info

Each blend comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper and a black polypropylene cap and holds 15ml of oil. Bottles are approximately 9cm in height and 2.5cm in diameter