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I Am Cleansed Shower Steamer

I Am Cleansed Shower Steamer

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As I clear what is no longer serving my mind, body, and soul,

I know I am restored

I am refreshed

I am Cleansed

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How to use

Remove shower steamer from plastic wrap and put it back in the mesh bag. Tie the bag around your shower head so a small amount of water is able to drip on the shower steamer. Take a deep breath and let it do its magic while you shower. With this method, the shower steamer is good for 2-4 showers.
You can also place the shower steamer in the bottom of your shower and let it do its magic that way as well!


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, waterfall fragrance oil, patchouli essential oil, frankincense essential oil, vetiver essential oil, rain fragrance oil, distilled water, witch hazel distillate

Additional Info

Mesh bag colour may vary
Colour of shower steamer may vary