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Titanium Druzy Cobochon

Titanium Druzy Cobochon

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Physical: It helps us to dispel sorrow, replacing it with joy by stimulating humour and relaxation. It is believed to help activate and enhance our mental abilities.

Emotional: Titanium aids us in feeling more grounded, centered and energized.

Metaphysical: Titanium Quartz has spiritual properties of increased life force and helps to activate the rainbow body. It can also help one relax and embrace the humorous side of life, allowing us to enjoy life to the fullest extent.

Zodiac Associations: All

Chakra Associations: All

Element Associations: Storm, Fire

Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for western medical care. Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it.

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