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Wisdom of the Elders Oracle

Wisdom of the Elders Oracle

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A 44-card oracle deck focusing on the teachings, traditions, and wisdom of the Mi'kmaq people, meant to help the reader create a deeper connection with the spirit world and Mother Earth.

Indigenous wisdom is sacred and has been shared for many generations by the Elders of the spirit world, and it is through their wisdom that we bridge the physical world to the spirit world. When you use these oracle cards you are walking in the world with the wisdom of the Elders. These teachings were meant to be shared with you, and to help you through your daily and spiritual life.

This deck is a tool meant to support you on your journey through life; the purpose of sharing these teachings is to help you grow and develop spiritually, within your own personal connection to Spirit, and to your loved ones on the other side. The cards include - but are not limited to - teachings like: the Seven Grandfather Teachings, the Four Sacred Fire Teachings, and the Four Sacred Medicines; and concepts like the Milky Way, Talking Circle, Spirit Plate, Two-Spirit, Spirit Totem Animal, Power Totem Animal, and Wigwam.

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